Kirov region looks forward to cooperating with you!

Kirov region (Vyatka) isalways glorious byits natural resources, high scientific, HRand industrial potentials, aswell asrich flora and fauna.

The enterprises ofthe Kirov region produce and export machinery and equipment, timber and lumber, farm machinery and home appliances, asalso fertilizers, chemicals, furniture, footwear, sporting goods, goods for creativity and other products. Companies from over 80countries are business partners ofthe Vyatka enterprises.

The region isopened for any cooperation. Congenial investment climate isapproved byhigh ratings ofthe international rating agencies. The Government ofthe region fulfills consistent work toenhance foreign trade links.

Kirov Region Export Promotion Center isestablished tosupport further development ofexport potential inthe region. Export-oriented companies and their foreign partners can receive all the necessary support and advisory services from the Center and also assistance inrealization ofcommon projects.

Weare glad tosee You onour Vyatka warmly welcoming land asguests, tourists, investors, business partners, and off course, friends!