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D. M. Zhuravlev, self-employed businessman Production of knitted head wear.
Kalinka-Morozov Production of clothes made of fur and leather.
Vyatskaya Uslada, trading house, ООО Confectionery sale.
1VPK, ООО Production of bathing boilers, furnaces, tanks, smoke ovens.
AECOM, OOO Production of furniture.
AFRICA, Igor Anatolyevich Zheltukhin, self-employed businessman Knitwear production.
Agro-tehservice, ООО Production of equipment for combined feed production.
Agropromtekhnika, ZAO Production of post harvesting grain handling equipment.
Agrosemtoms, R&P Company, OOO Breeding and seed farming.
Agrotrade, ООО Agricultural equipment trade.
Agrozasheeta, OOO Seeds of permanent grasses and leguminous crops.
Akmash-Holding, OOO Chain production for all kinds of industry.
Alekon, OOO Production of head wear made of wool, cotton and linen fabrics.
Alir, OOO Production of womenswear.
Almaz plus, OOO Lumber sale.
Almis, OOO Lumbering, wood processing, lumber wholesale.
Alpha-center, OOO Production of linen clothes.
Altay-Service, OOO Square edged timber, timber, plywood, euro lining, blockhouse, square log imitation.
Ammonit, OOO Production of medical equipment.
Aristokratt, carpenter studio  Furniture production.

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