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Almaz plus, OOO Lumber sale.
Almis, OOO Lumbering, wood processing, lumber wholesale.
Altay-Service, OOO Square edged timber, timber, plywood, euro lining, blockhouse, square log imitation.
Armada-Lux, OOO Lumber production.
Ars-Group, OOO Lumbering.
Attik-Kirov, OOO Production of components for low-rise wooden-house building.
Balker, building&manufacturing company, ООО. Developing and manufacture of production for wooden-house building.
Berezovsky, Timbering Enterprise, OAO Lumbering, wood processing.
Captain, OOO Production of lumber.
Contaсt, OOO Lumber wholesale trade.
Doma Veka, OOO Designing and constructing of wooden houses made of rounded logs.
Feniks, OOO Production of aspen veneer and matchwood.
Forest, OOO Lumber production and trade.
Goodwin, OOO Production and mounting of wooden ladders.
Green Wood Houses, OOO Production of profiled glued laminated lumber house sets.
Greenwood, OOO Production of building details made of wood.
Holz Haus, OOO Production of wooden sets of houses.
Image, OOO Production of ready to assemble lumber houses.
Kaspi Les, OOO Lumber wholesale.
Kirovagronet, OOO Lumber production.

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