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D. M. Zhuravlev, self-employed businessman Production of knitted head wear.
Kalinka-Morozov Production of clothes made of fur and leather.
AFRICA, Igor Anatolyevich Zheltukhin, self-employed businessman Knitwear production.
Alekon, OOO Production of head wear made of wool, cotton and linen fabrics.
Alir, OOO Production of womenswear.
Alpha-center, OOO Production of linen clothes.
ArtLen, OOO Handmade fabric production, traditional textile for interiors and souvenirs.
Azzarti, OOO Production of clothes for kids and teenagers
Bars, Vyatka skinnery Furs production and sale.
Belka, skinnery, OOO Production of furs, mittens, socks and suits.
Dolphin, shoe factory Production of sport footwear.
Factory 8 March, OOO Production of handmade embroidered articles and lacery.
Karman company Production of handbags made of natural leather.
Kirov Artificial Leather Integrated Works Awarded with the Great Patriotic War Medal of the First Degree, OAO Production of fabricated rubber goods and imitation leathers.
Kirov knitting factory, OAO Production of knitwear.
Kirovkozhgalant, OOO Production of women’s handbags.
Mekhtorg, OOO Fur dying and finishing.
Mexico, OOO Production of head wear made of fur and chamois.
Modny dom, OOO Clothes production.
Myagkaya kompanya, OOO Production of clothes for men, women and children.

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