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Машиностроение. Производство оборудования
1VPK, ООО Production of bathing boilers, furnaces, tanks, smoke ovens.
Agro-tehservice, ООО Production of equipment for combined feed production.
Agropromtekhnika, ZAO Production of post harvesting grain handling equipment.
Agrotrade, ООО Agricultural equipment trade.
Akmash-Holding, OOO Chain production for all kinds of industry.
Arkul Shiprepairing Plant Named After Kirov, OAO Shipbuilding, ship repairing, machine production.
ARM Service, OOO Production of machinery.
Belaya Kholunitsa Machinery Plant, OAO Production of weight-lifting equipment and conveyers.
Communenergo CRMM, ZAO Production of boiler equipment using wood waste.
Dimal, Kirov Plant of Electric Magnets, OOO Production of lifting electromagnets, clamshell grabs and orange-peel grabs, lifting beams, lifting cramps, load grippers.
Dimet-M, OOO Production of weight lifting electric magnets, clamps, scoop clamshells, iron separators, excavator equipment.
Electroprivod, PAO Production of automatic electric drives.
Ermak, OOO Production of furnaces.
Ferro Terra Group, OOO Industrial alloys wholesale.
Kirov-Stroyindustria, OOO  Production and trade of machinery for small companies.
Kirovvneshtorg, OOO Production of wood processing equipment.
Kotelnich Mechanical Plant, OAO Production of wood processing equipment.
Laser Technics and Technologies, OOO Development of laser technologies and their introduction into the industry.
Mayak, Kirov plant, PAO Production of equipment.
MDS, ООО Production of wood processing equipment.

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