The Export Promotion Center of Kirov Region / Kirov region

The Kirov region

  1. General information
  2. Transport infrastructure
  3. Attainable natural resourses
  4. Economic development
  5. Foreign economic activity
  6. Expoted goods

General information

THE KIROV REGION located inthe North East ofthe European part ofthe country.

AREA 120,4 thousand sq.m.

POPULATION 1413,3thousand.

REGION CENTER the city ofKirov (466,3thousand), located 900km tothe east from Moscow. The Kirov region isapart ofthe Volga Federal District, borders onnine regions ofthe Russian Federation.

Transport infrastructure

Through the oblast run railways connecting the central regions of Russia with the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. The railroads also tie the northern and the southern regions of Russia.

The hard-surface roads connect the Kirov oblast to the center of Russia, the neighboring republics and oblasts.

The length of the navigable waterways along the river of Vyatka and its tributaries exceeds 1000 kilometers.

There is an airport in the city.

Attainable natural resources

  1. Wood total volume 1,2 billion metric tons, 19th largest Russian logger.
  2. Phosphate rock total volume 2billion metric tons (45% ofall reserves ofRussia).
  3. Peat total volume 1100,4 million metric tons (1734fields).
  4. Construction industry resources glass sand, sand-gravel aggregates, clay.

Economic development

The region has high scientific, HRand industrial potentials, well-developed infrastructure and asource material base, which isgood for accelerating the development ofeconomics.

Forests are the natural weald ofthe area. 2\3 ofthe region istimbered. The total volume oftimber is1,2 billion metric tons, the calculated cut is16million cubic meters.

The main directions for the development upto2020 are pointed inthe Strategy ofSocial and Economic Development ofKirov Region.

The forest industry complex, the agricultural complex, the production ofbuilding materials, the development ofchemical industry, which isbased onfield development ofphosphate rocks and complex turf refining are the prerogatives ofthe development.

The agriculture complex isvery important ineconomics ofthe region. The agricultural companies ofthe region produce environment friendly goods, which meet the international standards.

Also, the production ofbuilding materials isanimportant sphere ofthe regional economics. The main kinds ofproduction are construction bricks, side blocks, panels, assembly concrete constructions and details, aswellas, rock and aggregates: small rocks, gravel, building sand, sand and gravel mix.

All the necessary isdone todevelop biochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Significant reserves ofmineral water ofdifferent degree ofsalinity and pools oftherapeutic mud are concentrated inthe region. Commercial hunting and active rest develops due tothe variety ofnatural recourses.

Foreign economic activity

Over 80countries are the regions partners inforeign trade, abilateral cooperation being carried out with ahalf ofthem.

In2010 the turnover offoreign trade was USD 834.8million, USD 161.2 million with the countries ofthe CIS, including USD 673.8 million with other countries.

Exports accounted for USD 721.8million, including USD 573.8 million toother countries ,USD 148.0 million tothe CIS countries.

Imports accounted for USD 112.9 million and USD 13.0 million from the CIS countries,including USD 99.9 million from other countries.

The balance offoreign trade had the surplus ofUSD 608.9million.

The main exported goods are the production ofchemical and machine-building industries and lumber.

The list ofthe major exporters of2010includes: LLCKCKK Mineral Fertilizer Plant, JSC Kirov Non-ferrous Metal Processing Plant, JSC Type Works Group Amtel-Povolzhye, JSC KCKK Polymer Plant, JSC Krasny Yakor, JSC Mayak Kirov region, JSC Kirskabel, JSC Domostroitel, JSC Vyatka Wood Company, JSC Moloma Wood Chemical Works, JSC 1May Engineering Works, JSC Kirov Artificial Leather Works, JSC Mayskles, JSC Lesnoy Profil, JSC Novovyatsk Ski-Making Works.

Among the major importers of2010are: JSC Vesta, JSC Kirov Non-ferrous Metal Processing Plant, JSC Kirov Artificial Leather Works, LLCKCKK Mineral Fertilizer Plant, CJSC MZ-5, JSC Type Works Group Amtel-Povolzhye, LLC Steel-Making Company, JSC Kirskabel, JSC Krasny Yakor, JSC Kirov Cottage Construction Factory, LLC Imlight-Showtechnics Company, JSC Kirovhleb.

The major foreign investors operating inKirov region:

  • Candy Group (Italy)-an acquired the Kirov manufacturer ofwashing machines, OAO Vesta, and put into operation aproduction line for making Candy washing machines.
  • Teka Enterprise (Spain)-a manufacturer ofthe European quality, modern domestic appliances under the Rica brand.
  • IKEA Trading und Design (Sweden)-involved inajoint project with the OOO Domostroitel for the supply ofup-to-date equi pment for manufacturing solid-wood furniture parts and furniture incompliance with world standards.

Exported goods

More than 200 diversified organizations export their goods from the Kirov region.

The woodworking companies produce wide choice oflumber, furniture, chip plates, plywood, parquet, ski, paper, test board, charcoal. Timber, lumber, plywood, wooden pellets and matches are exported from the region.

The most popular goods which are inconstant requisition inforeign countries are prefabricated wooden houses, made ofrounded logs orbymanual lumbering.

There are more than 30furniture factories inthe region and two ofthem are the biggest inall Russia.

The chemical industry isthe leading position inthe region. The companies ofthe Kirov region are the key manufacturers ofmineral fertilizers and fluoropolymers. The factories also produce fabricated rubber goods, imitation leathers and plastic products for the needs ofdifferent trades.

The machinery factories ofthe region produce woodworking machines, metal-working machinery, lifting equipments, optoelectronics, farm machinery, measuring apparatus, electric motors and electric tools, household appliances, fire-extinguishing equipments and lighting facilities.

The food industry companies produce meat products, dairy, vegetable products and confectionery using modern technologies, alcohol and soft drinks, mineral water and canned goods having applied local fresh and clear materials.

The light industry companies manufacture knitting, leather goods and footwear. The regional traditional fur industry develops successfully, aswell asproduction ofart goods, toys and sports goods.

The city ofVyatka isalso famous for folk crafts such like: moulded painted clay figures the Dymkovo Toys; wart, straw, wood and twig handiworks; ceramics and lacework.

The Kirov region provides foreign tourists with taking part inthe Velikoretsky Crucession ofthe Cross, visiting tothe paleontological excavations ofancient reptiles and dinosaurs and hunting for abear, wolf, wild boar, lynx, elk, wood grouse, black grouse and woodcock..