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Investment support

  1. The economic spheres that have prospects for attracting investments
  2. The Kirov region investment ratings
  3. The Kirov region Government offers
  4. The Kirov region Government renders assistance in
  5. Investment legislation of the Kirov region

The Governmnet of the Kirov region is interested in mutually beneficial cooperation and is ready to support investors’ initiatives.

The respite certificate of the Kirov region’s Governor can be granted to the most significant investment and innovate projects in the sphere of social and economic development of the region.

The economic spheres that have prospects for attracting investments:

  • the timber processing complex;
  • construction;
  • the production of building materials;
  • the biotech industry;
  • the pharmaceutical industry;
  • the food industry and agricultural production;
  • power engineering;
  • tourism.

The Kirov region investment ratings

Fitch Ratings, international rating agency:

  • ratings in foreign and national currency: rated «B» on international grade, rated «BBB» on national grade.

Moody’s Investors Service, international rating agency:

  • issuer rating on international grade in national currency Ba3.

Moody’s Interfax rating agency:

  • rated on national grade.
  • Generally rated stable.

The Kirov region Government offers:

  • subsidies in part on credits borrowed by private investors, leasing payment subsidies in part under leasing contracts concluded;
  • budgetary investments for corporate private investors (with ownership of stocks/shares of these companies equal to the amount of state investment transferred to the region);
  • region government guarantee for credit and/or leasing payments paid by private investors;
  • collaterals for loans by private investors at the expense of regional pledge fund;
  • preferential conditions to use region-owned property;
  • grants;
  • partly coupon yield subsidies for private investors who implement investment project where investments are attracted by means of bond offering for the first time.

The Kirov region Government renders assistance in:

  • project development and obtaining permits;
  • incorporation, organization and tax registration issues;
  • booking and assignment of lands and production areas;
  • registration of titles and lease contract conclusion;
  • settlement arguments and disputes arising out of the project realization;
  • getting legal, audit and insurance support for the project and obtaining assessment certificates.

When investing 3 million euro and more to the Kirov region economic investor saves for 5 years from 330 thousand euro on property tax only!

Investment legislation of the Kirov region

  • «Of Investment Control» — Kirov Region Law of December 28, 2005 No 399-ЗО
  • «Of Corporate Property Tax in Kirov Region» — Kirov Region Law of November 27, 2003 No 209-ЗО
  • «Of the target programme titled Making Kirov Region More Investment-Friendly and Attractment of Investments and New Technology to the Regional Economy for the period from 2007 to 2009» — Kirov Region Law of March 28, 2007 No 91-ЗО
  • «Of Other Investment Tax Credit Terms and Conditions» — Kirov Region Law of May 4, 2007 No 122-ЗО
  • «Of Kirov Region Governor’s Guarantee Certificate» — Kirov Region Law of November 7, 2007 No 90
  • «Of Confirmation of the Tender Procedure for Private Investors Seeking Government Support and Procedure of Discontinuation of Government Support of an Investment Project at the Expense of the Regional Budget and Determination of Reasons for the Above» — Kirov Region Government regulation of October 15, 2007 No 110/430.
  • «Of Realization of Region Law dated November 27, 2003 No 209-ЗО Of Corporate Property Tax in Kirov Region»
  • Kirov Region Government regulation of May 16, 2006 No 59/89.
  • «Of Confirmation of the Tender Procedure for Private Investors Seeking Government Support as Grant for Commercial Initiatives in the Sphere of Kirov Region Investment and Innovation Development» — Kirov Region Government regulation of March 14, 2008 No 124/68.